Mark & Kimberley | Berkeley City Club | New Year’s Eve Wedding

It isn’t often that I work on major holidays, but the opportunity to be a part of Mark and Kimberley’s big day, and big New Year’s Eve party was too much to resist. They were married at the Berkeley City Club, one of my favorite locations. It’s an unassuming building from the street, but inside the Julia Morgan architecture’s warm and classy glow is a wonderful sight and perfect for an elegant gathering and celebration. I often find it interesting to look through the common wedding photos on blogs- often filled with shots of shoes and flowers etc. For me these are standard shots, but peripheral to the central idea of a wedding, and wedding photography. With Kimberley and Mark’s photos, my passion for focusing on the flow of the wedding itself, the people, relationships, emotions was easy to follow. This particular wedding was filled with so much emotion and genuine love it was inspiring. I couldn’t resist all the detail shots completely, so just made them small in this post.

Many thanks to Sierra Hawthorne for her help shooting this wedding and to Peter H. Chang and Chris Fuzi for their help with the fusion film that we are working on.


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  • WOW – great photos! I love them all, you can really tell how happy the bride was throughout the night!

  • Lisa Grathen

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures and video of Kim and Marks wedding!

  • Wow, a lot of emotion in this set. Love the reception shots, and the details.

  • Great job with this wedding coverage, I love the warmth and emotion in all of your images!

  • Very classy and royal capture! Great use of lighting and very clear pictures. Really liked you detail shots and use of shadows and contrast. You captured the emotion of the wedding. Inspiring work.


  • Very creative and artistic !!! I love these photos !!!