Carla and Tony | Saint Mary’s Chapel Wedding

This Saturday I photographed the wedding of Tony and Carla at the St. Mary’s Chapel in Moraga. We had a lot of fun, and had a great time with the halways and courtyard’s around St. Mary’s chapel, using the arches and great spanish archtecture to add a bit of a unique look to this couples photographs. Here are a few of my favorites. Also, feel free to check out the slide show HERE.

And check out the custom labeled M&M’s. Usually I don’t eat my still-life photo props, but after this photo I made an exception. Yummy!

I just heard back from the bride Carla, and she had this to say:
“Thanks so much! These photos are great! I love your work! I’ve forwarded the slideshow to several people – it made my mom and my cousin cry – and my mom’s cousin says: This is the BEST THE BEST photographer I’ve ever seen. Oh, what a gift. Oh, ….lovely. So there you have it. Thanks again!”

I love hearing back from clients after the pictures. After spending the day with them, it means a lot to know that I’ve made a nice impact on their wedding experience.

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