From blog to blogsite

You may have noticed that my old blog has now become the homepage of my website. After much deliberation I decided to make the change for a few reasons. First off- I love the large photos and easy navigation of an HTML site/blog. I love when you can go to a website and start seeing relevent content right away, without having to click on a puny little splash page. Plus, you can also view a blog on an iPhone and other mobile internet devices, most of which don’t have the flash support needed for viewing my main portfolio site. Additionally, I thought back to the saying – “you’re only as good as your last job.” In a way it’s really true. Potential clients should look for consistency in their photographer, and the work that they produce every week. And, sure, I’m well aware of the fact that having and HTML site as the home page is helpful for search engines too.

My traditional website is still here, just click on the “Portfolio” link on the navigation bar above. Enjoy the new look!

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