Ian & Lili’s Destination Wedding in Paris

The photos are finally here! Ian a Lili were married in Paris, and it was such a privilege to be a part of their day. Usually when people plan a destination wedding they worry about how all of the details are going to come together, what location they will choose, and a thousand other complications. Weddings in general can be stressful. Depending on the couple, destination weddings can really take their toll. At least that’s what I thought until I met Ian and Lili. They are both incredibly busy professionals who live in La Paz, Mexico. When they decided to get married they wanted just a few things: quality time with family, a low-key day that was completely their own, and great photography. After choosing Paris as their location, the couple found a hotel, and a place for dinner. From there, the planning was mostly over. We arrived a few days before the big event, and set out on long walks around the city, looking for the perfect place for the ceremony.

The Jardin de Serres d’Auteuil fit the bill perfectly. On the wedding day we started at the Hotel Ibis Cambronne, and then took the metro over to the park. An intimate ceremony with 20 family members and a few of their closest friends followed, with everyone nesstled around the couple as they incorporated some of their favorite wedding ceremonies from around the world. After the ceremony we went to the Mexican consulate for a brief civil ceremony, then took to the streets for some photos. After a brief walk we arrived at the Louvre- and took advantage of its surrounding plazas.

We then went on to meet the family for dinner at Le Grande Colbert, a swanky restaurant downtown. After dinner the older crowd went back to bed. Of course there was still a lot of fun to be had. The rest of the party took their photographer through another trip on the subway, and on for a magical walk through the deserted Champs de Mars, with the Eiffel Tower shining brightly above.

I often photograph rather large and elaborate weddings. This wedding was a wonderful reminder of the essence of what a wedding should really be about. Quality time with family, and a day (or week!) of stress-free time to enjoy the transition into married life. My best wishes to Ian and Lili. I wish you both the very best!

Here’s the full slideshow below:

Ian getting ready for the wedding
Wedding ring details
Lili doing her makeup

A funny moment between siblings.
Bride and brother getting ready
Subway ride to the wedding
Mother and son before wedding
Groom waiting for the bride
Wedding ceremony at the park in Paris
Parents during wedding ceremony
After the ceremony
Entering the Louvre for wedding photos
Kiss in front of the Louvre
Louvre columns shot
Louvre pyramid
Wedding photoshoot in Paris
Walking in Louvre plaza
Paris metro wedding shoot
Running in the Paris subway
Eiffel tower wedding night photography


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  • These photos are so beautiful. You really captured the intimacy of this family’s celebration- great job..

  • These are amazing! Great work!

  • ada

    hi could i have your rate for Post-wedding photoshoot in Paris ?