Scuba Diving in Palau

Another post in the “epic adventure” theme, from my last scuba diving vacation out to Palau. I’ve long been an avid scuba diver and when combined with my professional photography business a foray into the field of underwater photography is always a wonderful and highly entertaining (if slightly frustrating) creative enterprise. I spent 2 weeks with family diving the warm waters of the Palauan reefs, known for some of the very best diving in the world. Strong currents from deep water bring lots of nutrients into these small island dots out in the pacific, along with manta rays, sharks, and an innumerable amount of other life both large and small. My favorite may have been Jellyfish Lake, where millions of jellyfish have been isolated from the open ocean in an enclosed lake long enough to have lost most of their singing capabilities allowing you to swim among them in what is truly a magical experience.

Jellyfish lake palaumanta ray palaunapolean wrasse palau0156_Palau0533_Palau0512_Palau0680_Palau0009_Palau0002_Palau0644_Palau0652_Palau0090_Palau0699_Palau0624_Palau0693_Palau0194_PalauDouble-rainbowJellyfish lake palau


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