Turkey is a country with millenniums of history, and architecture, people, color and activities to make a photographer go crazy. I came to Turkey mainly for the hot air balloons of Cappadocia but had to stop off at a few other places along the way.

I began in Istanbul, where the famous Blue Mosque was complemented by a beautiful full moon late at night.

Blue Mosque Istanbul

Bosphorus in Istanbul, always a beautiful contrast between the old and the new.

Istanbul Bosphorus

The Grand Bazaar. Full of spices, color, and lots of tourists.

Istanbul grand bazaar

The Hagia Sofia lit up at night

hagia sophia at night

A view of the Blue Mosque from within the Hagia Sofia, known for its intricate mosaics and beautiful architecture

hagia sophia blue mosquestreet-vendorswhirling dirvishrug-making


The ruins of Ephesus, partner to Rome in the height of the empire.


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  • Wendy Y. Einhorn

    These photos are absolutely stunning Noah!