"The world is but a canvas to our imagination."




For all of my photography I work closely with clients to capture the relationships, moments and moving events that make life so special. I arrive at each photo shoot with the simple goal of getting to know my clients, to never force the photographic process, and to let events unfold in an organic and real way.

My favorite images are candid moments between people, assembled on the wedding day as a recognition of the tremendous step that a couple is about to take, but also in honor of all of the most important people in their lives who are so rarely all assembled together in one place. Weddings are a beautiful arena of possibility, love, nostalgia, and a commemoration of both family and friendship. My work is casual, elegant, beautiful and real. I look for the grace and art in otherwise simple moments, and embrace the subtle and real over flashy and materialistic. As a wedding photojournalist I work as unobtrusively as possible,  patiently observing and then anticipating moments that mean the world, will never happen again, while framing them in a beautiful and artistic way.

When I do take formal family photos or couples portraits I work quickly and personably to create images that are fluid and honest reflections of the people involved. I will coach, encourage, and support when needed. But in general I’m visible as little as possible during the wedding day, allowing the wedding experience to be about the moments and the people and not about the photography.

I only accept a limited number of wedding clients each year, ensuring that each couple receives the quality product and individual attention that they deserve. All of my work is done in a professional, but easy-going manner, using high resolution Canon digital equipment.