Yosemite Landscape Photos

I’ve just arrived into Yosemite for Kathryn and Ryan’s wedding at the Ahwahnee Hotel tomorrow. Very exciting! The fall color here is spectacular, and I’m just in awe of this beautiful place. While I’m technically a full time wedding photographer, that sure didn’t stop me from getting to Yosemite early so that I could run all over the place indulging in a little bit of landscape photography. I was even crazy enough to wake up at dawn so that I could get some of the mist rising off the valley floor.

This is one of the things that I really love about photography. For me it provides a different perspective to the world, and also a bit of extra encouragement to get out and experience things more fully (ie put up with a chilly, early morning for a bit of good light). I’m only in Yosemite for a moment, shooting the wedding and then heading out on Sunday, but here are a few favorites that I’ve come up with so far. Half Dome was looking great today, so I had to give it a little extra attention. Enjoy!







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